Brewed in the Bay Area

The Bay Area… a vibrant, dynamic, ever-evolving, and often enigmatic place. For many reasons among the best places in the world to be; especially for us beer lovers.

A region rich in brewing history, in some ways the local beer scene had lost some luster since the long gone era when Oakland alone is said to have been home to dozens of production breweries. Fortunately for us the flame never went out completely and in recent years our area has made major progress in reclaiming that proud tradition. This can be seen in the opening of several world class beer drinking establishments, a thriving home brewing community, and the launch of a handful of amazing local breweries.

While the biggest factor behind these burgeoning success stories is of course quality, the deeply ingrained Bay Area support for all things local and the philosophy of teamwork over competition certainly can’t be ignored. As East Bay natives, we here at Bay Area on Tap feel these recent developments are just the tip of the iceberg, with even bigger things to come.  With this in mind we are determined to do our part in spreading the word about our resurgent beer culture by reporting on the under-reported, heralding the unheralded, and championing the local. We realize getting a front row seat to this unfolding movement will require us to pull up a stool at the pub from time to time and enjoy a beverage or two, and well, let’s just say we’ve come to terms with it.

So join us by raising your tulip, pint, snifter, or mug hella high in a salute to beer in the Bay!