The Beer Hall

Last week we finally took an opportunity to visit the recently opened Beer Hall in San Francisco. From the husband and wife team of Andrew and Jennifer Hall, the charming yet modern tasting room and bottle shop is conveniently located in the shadow of the Twitter building at 1 Polk St, a few blocks from the Civic Center BART station.

On our visit, the draft list was an interesting amalgam of small batch local beers you may not find elsewhere along with offerings familiar to the more casual craft beer drinker, all of which were displayed on a large monitor behind the bar. The monitor not only helps give the place a slick, high tech, feel but also is very practical, making useful information about the beers served easily available to curious new craft beer drinkers.

Both the list and the overall feel seemed very well suited to the likely clientele of the neighborhood while the friendly, attentive staff, competitive pricing and central, transit adjacent, location make it an easy and comfortable destination for curious visitors from outside the area. By balancing quality with what seems to be a keen understanding of their potential customer base, the Beer Hall seems well poised for success. We look forward to stopping by again whenever we’re in the area.

The Beer Hall
1 Polk St
San Francisco, CA 94102

Mon-Sat 4p-11p
Closed Sunday

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